eServices Messages and eDelivery Letters

Published 07/22/2024

As provider utilization of online form submission and eDelivery of various greenmail letters increased, receiving form submission messages and greenmail letters in one portal inbox created an unorganized and inefficient workflow. To help you manage the volume of information you receive and more easily find, track and respond to receipts, we created separate inboxes for form submission messages and greenmail letters. Users now track submission of forms in a Messages inbox and receipt of greenmail letters in an eDelivery inbox. We then made additional enhancements to both inboxes.

  • We enhanced both inboxes with search and sort/filter features and auto-archive functionality
  • The Messages inbox was updated to show the status of any form submitted by any user under an account
  • The eDelivery inbox was enhanced to highlight new or unread eDelivery messages and to allow users to leave comments for each eDelivery message that can be seen by all account users. This allows a user to alert internal staff about who is working a document and what actions have been taken.
  • We added the ability to download the eDelivery results grid and the Notification Messages Center results grid to Excel. You can also print the grid results.
  • We added a “Take Action” column to the eDelivery results grid with links to other eServices functions for the Overpayment Demand and the MR ADR Letters. These links allow you to quickly navigate directly to other functions to research or respond to these letters.

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