How do I check status of a submitted form?

You can use the Document Control Number (DCN) that is assigned to your form to look up form processing status and view your submitted forms. When you open the confirmation message that has the DCN, you can click on the DCN in the message to look up the status of your form. In addition, you may view the information you submitted, along with a list of the files that were attached, by clicking on an additional link.

When you are logged into eServices, you can also access the status look-up feature by clicking the 'Get Status' button displayed below the list of tabs. You will need to input the DCN to view the status through this screen.

Note: The Get Status screen will not pull information for eServices submissions where decisions are returned via secure inbox messages and/or eLetters (i.e., PCR, eClaim, etc.)

Last Updated: 03/01/2021