Managing Multiple eService Accounts Is Easier with Account Linking

Palmetto GBA gives users the ability to link their previously assigned eServices user IDs under one default ID through the Account Linking sub-tab. Users should log into eServices with the user ID that they wish to use as their default. This is the user ID that will be used to access any linked accounts. Once the user has successfully logged into eServices, they may access the Account Linking sub-tab by first selecting the My Account Tab.

Simply enter the user ID and password of the eServices account that you wish to link in the corresponding fields and click the Link Account button. Please note that only active IDs that are not already linked to a default user ID are eligible for account linking. In the event that there is an issue preventing successful linkage of the requested account, an error message will display. Please read the message and proceed accordingly.  

Once your accounts are linked you will be able to log in, click a drop down menu that lists all your linked NPI and PTAN combinations attached to your ID, and select the individual account you’d like to view. For complete step-by-step instructions, please view the eServices User Guide (PDF, 7.8 MB). 

Last Updated: 01/29/2021