PC-ACE Pro32 Version 6.1 Update File

Published 01/08/2024

PC-ACE Pro32 software has been updated to version 6.1 for ASC X12 837 v5010 with several CMS Medicare mandates and enhancements.

  • This Pro32 upgrade is applicable to (October 2014) and later Palmetto GBA versions for the PC-ACE Pro32 software
  • Modified the software per CMS Mandates for modified descriptions, inclusion and prohibitions:
    • CR 13248
    • CR 13279
    • CR 13433
    • CR 13467
  • Various updates for CMS CR-related changes, including HCPCS, diagnosis, category and other codes including CARC/RARC and Provider Taxonomy Code updates located via Washington Publishing Company website

Note: Due to extensive database structural changes, the update program may take longer to run. It is very important that sites make a safety backup of their current software. Do not restore your backup once this upgrade has completed successfully. The update process must not be interrupted, as doing so will likely corrupt your data.

All PC-ACE Pro32 users must download and install the attached software update file. The version number will change after you install this update. You should download the update immediately. Please close your PC-ACE Pro32 software and perform backup functions prior to downloading the file.

1. Download the Pro32 update v6.1 software file (Zip, 19 MB). 
2. From the 'Save As' box, select your download location and left click on the 'Save' button. Save the file to your C:/ drive.

After you have downloaded the file, follow these installation steps:

  1. Close any programs you are currently running
  2. Open your C:/ folder (where you saved the file) using My Computer or Windows Explorer
  3. Right click on the 'Pro32upd6_1.zip' file and choose 'Extract Here.' The 'Pro32upd5_9.exe' file will appear in the same folder.
  4. Double click on the 'Pro32upd6_1.exe' file you have just extracted. The Wise Installation Wizard will initialize and guide you through the installation process. Respond to the various dialog boxes as follows:
    1. Password - Enter 'medicare' (lowercase)
    2. Backup Reminder - Click Yes
    3. Welcome - Click Next
    4. Start Update - Click Next
    5. Read Me File - Click Next
    6. Update Completed - Click Finish
    7. PC-ACE Pro32 Backup Reminder - Click OK

Once installation is complete, you may use your PC-ACE Pro32 software. The version number will change to 6.1. 

Additional assistance is available via the PC-ACE Pro32 Training Modules, located under EDI Tools. These training modules are designed to address the basic information you will need to know to submit a claim electronically using PC-ACE Pro32 billing software, as well as instructions on submitting Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) claims.

If you have any questions, please contact the Palmetto GBA Provider Contact Center at 855-696-0705 (JM Part A, Part B & HHH), 888-355-9165 (RR) or 877-567-7271 (JJ Part A & Part B).

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