PC Print Software and User's Manual

PC Print version 8.0 is a software package that allows providers to view and print Medicare Part A electronic remittance advices (ERAs). It is an interactive, PC-based X12 835 translator program for the HIPAA-compliant version 5010A2.

PC Print is compatible with all current Microsoft supported version of Windows (as of 2020). This software will not work properly when installed on any Windows version earlier than Windows 7. Palmetto GBA Technical Support will not support PC Print when installed on a network or other operating systems.

The PC Print 8.0 software has been saved as a Zip file. To download the PC Print version 8.0 software, select the PCPrint.zip file. Respond to the various boxes as follows:

  1. Left click on the PCPrint.zip file
  2. Your browser will open the File Download box
  3. From the Save As box, select your download directory and left click on Save
  4. This will download a file named PCPrint.zip to the directory selected
  5. Double click on the PCPrint-8.0.exe. The PC Print – Install Shield Wizard will initialize and guide you through the installation process:
  • Welcome – Click Next
  • Program Maintenance – Click Next
  • Custom Setup – Click Next (the software will be completely installed to the local hard drive)
  • Ready to Modify the Program – Click Install

The Part A PC Print User’s Manual  includes step-by-step installation instructions. You must uninstall old versions of PC Print before installing a new version. The manual is available in PDF format, which can be accessed through Acrobat Reader software. Please follow the uninstall and installation instructions carefully before you begin.

If you have any questions regarding the PC Print software, please call the Palmetto GBA Provider Contact Center toll-free at 877-567-7271 (JJ) or 855-696-0705 (JM).

Last Updated: 03/24/2021