Updates for General Liability Insurance Documentation

Update the certificate holder(s) on your general liability policy


Medicare enrollment applications for DMEPOS suppliers will be processed by new contractors starting November 7, 2022. (See MLN Article “DMEPOS: Change to Enrollment Contractor After November 6”.) When it comes time to renew your insurance policy, or if you are submitting any other changes to your DMEPOS enrollment file, please be sure to update the certificate holder on your certificate of insurance for general liability coverage. Suppliers in the East Region must list Novitas as the certificate holder. Suppliers in the West Region must list Palmetto GBA as the certificate holder instead of the NSC. All other requirements for the insurance documentation remain the same. Specific mailing information for the certificate of insurance is listed below.


Novitas (NPEast)

PO Box 3704, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050


Palmetto GBA (NPWest)

PO Box 100142, Columbia, SC 29202-3142

Last Updated: 10/18/2022