IVR Conversion Tool

Published 07/18/2022

This IVR conversion tool was created to assist providers in entering the PTAN, beneficiary's Medicare number or name into the IVR. In the fields below, simply type in the PTAN, Medicare number or the first six letters of the beneficiary’s last name exactly as they appear (including the #) in the corresponding box below. Then, press the translate button and the tool will automatically convert the information entered into the numbers/characters that are required by the IVR

Be sure to write down the conversion numbers before calling the IVR. Keep it prominent for future IVR calls.

Tip: Using a speakerphone when in the IVR can interfere with using the various functions.

PTAN Number Converter

IVR Converted Value:

Medicare Number Converter

IVR Converted Value:

Beneficiary Name Converter

IVR Converted Value:


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