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Published 09/24/2021


Cost Report Status Tool

Check the receipt and acceptance decision for your recently submitted cost reports.


Call 877-567-7271 (toll free)

Hours of operation: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday.

Please reference our IVR Call Flowchart (PDF, 340 KB), IVR User Guide (PDF, 160KB), and IVR Conversion Tool for additional guidance.

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Cost Report Desk Review/Audit

Cost Report Reopening

Cost Report Appeal

Wage Index/Occupational Mix Survey

S-10 Audit

  • For interim rate review, provider-based determinations and other reimbursement documentation
  • For Low Volume Hospital Payment Adjustment requests and questions

  • For cost report filing documentation or questions
  • For Provider Statistical and Reimbursement (PSR) requests

Submit Documentation


Cost Reports

Provider Audit

If you are unable to submit your cost report documentation via our eServices portal, please review the articles below:

Provider Reimbursements

Group of People

Contact a Different Department

View our main Contact Us page for information on how to submit a general inquiry or to contact a different department.

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