How Did We Do? Share your Provider Contact Center Feedback with Medicare Customer Experience Surveys

Published 02/19/2024

Did you have a great interaction with our Provider Contact Center (PCC)?  We want to hear about it! Palmetto GBA providers are now able to give immediate feedback on their customer service experience with our Provider Contact Center (PCC).  Providing feedback is easy. 

Upon call completion, you will be able to provide us valued feedback on your most recent interaction with Palmetto GBA that occurred via the IVR or with a Customer Service Representative (CSR).  To access:

Via IVR (survey is offered at the beginning of the call)

  • Dial "0" when ready to complete survey
  • You can either complete the survey or opt out to be connected with a CSR

Via CSR Call

  • Stay on the line after your call
  • When the CSR disconnects, you will be transferred to the Customer Experience Survey

Note: When using the IVR, if you dial "0" to opt out, you will have the option to take the IVR survey or continue on to a CSR. If CSR is chosen, you will be instructed to stay on the line after your interaction with the CSR to take the survey.

We use these surveys to gather your feedback as it gives us an opportunity to measure areas of success as well as explore areas of improvement. We look forward to hearing from you!

How did we do? Please provide feedback.

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