Social Determinants of Health (SDoH)

Published 01/09/2023

Introducing a new opportunity to have a positive impact in your patients’ care and lives.

You can be a part of an innovative program for healthcare providers in Georgia and South Carolina. The program’s focus is on Social Determinants of Health and will address patients’ unmet needs that are known drivers in higher admission rates and added healthcare costs.

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Building Healthier Communities Together


Why is it important?

Social determinants dictate and drive up to 80 percent of an individual’s health outcomes and 40 percent of cost. Our program will address community needs such as, but not exclusive to food insecurity and transportation by utilizing a holistic approach.


of patients report being affected by at least one SDoH

Patients Reporting
Food Insecurity


more likely to report multiple ER visits


more likely to report an inpatient stay

Patients with
Transportation Needs


more likely to report multiple ER visits


more likely to report an inpatient stay

Source: McKinsey 2019 Social Determinants of Health Survey

How does it work?

You join a dedicated team with a proven track record in public health and experience with social determinants of health. Administered by Palmetto GBA and powered by Unite Us, this pilot program sponsored by CMS gives providers in our program access to shared technology and a vast network of community-based organizations to help facilitate the needs of patients throughout South Carolina and Georgia.

As a partner in this pilot program, you will be able to refer patients who are experiencing social care gaps like food insecurity and/or unmet transportation needs to the network. As referrals are accepted, network partners will connect patients to support services within their community and help them solve these challenges.

Learn more about these networks:

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Unite Us GA Logo

What are the benefits?

  • Securely send real-time, trackable patient referrals and Unite Us does the rest by coordinating with community-based organizations to administer services.
  • Closed loop reporting, so you can see the outcome of your patient referrals.
  • Dashboard available to see which community-based organizations and services your patients are utilizing.

How do I join?

To learn more about how you can join the team to build a healthier community. Call Marlena Harris at (803) 763-5579 or email

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