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Published 03/02/2021

What Is Provider Statistical and Reimbursement (PS&R) and Who Should Enroll?

PS&R is one of several CMS applications accessed through their Enterprise Identitity Management (EIDM) website, and it contains various cost report features. Each provider must enroll two people in EIDM:

  • PS&R Security Official

    This person will be requested to submit information about the provider, will set up the access for the provider, and then approve other users.

  • PS&R User

    The PS&R User can order PS&R reports.

How Do I Register?

Registration for EIDM and PS&R is completed through the CMS portal. For instructions, please reference the "EIDM Documentation" section of the "Registration Instructions" link below.

CMS PortalRegistration Instructions

What Can I Do with PS&R?

To learn how to order the Summary Report which is used in preparing your annual Medicare Cost Report, access the link below.

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Final Steps

Now that you've set everything up it's time to...

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