Palmetto GBA is a company of great depth. While our roots are in health care administration, our decades of experience have allowed us to extend our reach and expand our capabilities as a leader in these select branches of business:

Enterprise Technologies
Palmetto GBA is a leader in developing ways for you to warehouse and utilize your data. We provide interactive reports and linked information to support the critical decision making of your business.

Contact Center Operations
At Palmetto GBA, we recognize that our contact center agents are your first line of communication with your customer. Our stringent controls for training and ongoing evaluation ensure that our agents provide exceptional service.

Training and Development
As a nationally recognized training and Train-the-Trainer provider, Palmetto GBA's outstanding team provides a full spectrum of training solutions.

Health Care Policy
The Palmetto GBA clinical team is recognized nationally for our work in going beyond the diagnosis with next generation health care classification systems.

Finance and Accounting
Palmetto GBA is uniquely equipped to manage large volumes of services for national customers with the need to process billions of dollars annually.

last updated on 12/07/2015