Finance and Accounting

Each year Palmetto GBA processes billions of dollars for our customers. We understand that solid financial management is critical to helping you achieve your business goals. We know that a functioning operational system is dependent on a strong financial framework. With more than 300 accounting and finance professionals, we are uniquely equipped to manage large volumes of information and money.

Every customer has particular needs regarding expense management. Palmetto GBA is exceptional at individualizing our services to meet your needs. Whether electronic or paper, we have proven track record of providing the highest level of quality accounting services.

Palmetto GBA places a premium on developing new business and technical solutions designed to provide our customers the most efficient and cost effective services. We continue to remain cutting edge while managing a volume of receivables of over $70 million daily by piloting new accounting systems and modernizing our largest customer's national financial management.

The Palmetto GBA Auditing Team includes CPAs, Certified Internal Auditors, Certified Fraud Examiners and attorneys. Our auditing services are extensive. We currently conduct over 3,500 in-house reviews and more that 150 on-site audits annually.

In an ever-changing financial environment, we rely more heavily on data analysis to better focus the audit efforts. When automating the process, Palmetto GBA is focused on saving time and resources while providing exceptional auditing services. Whether your need is to track expenses, confirm payments, manage vendors costs, or the development of a unique audit of your required variables to ensure compliance within your own system, Palmetto GBA is your experienced auditor.

Palmetto GBA is trusted for our emphasis on security and accuracy. Each employee is monitored against strict internal controls and backed by our robust system of compliance and quality assurance. Palmetto GBA is recognized as a leader in the field with a proven track record of over 40 years.

last updated on 12/07/2015