Enterprise Technologies

Palmetto GBA is a proven leader in a vast array of enterprise technologies. Whether your technology needs include software development, data warehousing, e-Commerce or Electronic Data Interchange, our wide-range of experience and capabilities cannot be surpassed.

With over 30 in-house software developers and programmers, Palmetto GBA has the immediate capability to bring your software project to life. We follow J2EE industry standards while under the leadership of our Project Management Body of Knowledge trained Project Managers, so custom built applications can be maintained by your own staff.

Our e-Commerce team has developed more than 300 applications, including Web-based and client server systems. We have the capacity to host numerous systems concurrently. In addition to non-parametric statistics, population statistics, predictive modeling and GIS analysis, Palmetto GBA is an expert in sampling. Our team has more than 350 cumulative years of software development experience.

Quality is the cornerstone of every product developed by Palmetto GBA. Our own strict quality process ensures that every aspect of the software development lifecycle is addressed and that our customers can be confident that they will receive a superior product. At Palmetto GBA we marry the best of rapid application development to a standards-based process with real and measurable quality results.

Palmetto GBA recognizes that the security of your data is of utmost importance. Our security infrastructure exceeds HIPAA standards for safeguarding your information. We do not compromise on security and are continually updating to the next state of the art technologies.

At Palmetto GBA, we understand your need to not only store data, but to use that data to perform essential business functions. We develop the mechanisms you need to access and analyze your data, which allowes you to enter the database from multiple points providing multiple capabilities. It is true that the more people know, the more they want to know. Our expertise is in creating a paperless system that works for your business.

Palmetto GBA is at the forefront in developing more ways for you to access and use your data. Information is power, and our online analytics allows you direct access and immediate feedback for critical decision-making. By linking data from disparate sources, Palmetto GBA analyzes information across business lines providing customized reports drilled down to the data that is most useful to you.

Our interactive reports enable our customers to use online analytical processing to access data and create their own reports or link to others for an efficient, customized analysis.

last updated on 12/07/2015